Common Questions

 Frequently asked questions:

 1)  How long does a custody evaluation take to complete?
      6-8 weeks, depending on the schedules of all parties involved.

 2)  What is involved in a custody evaluation?
       a) interviews with parents individually
       b) interviews with the children
       c)  visit to each parent's home
       d) collateral information which could include teachers, counselors, doctors,
           and daycare providers
       e) criminal history checks,  and drug and/or alcohol records
        f) psychological testing of parents if required or requested
           (additional cost)
       g) testing of children if required or requested   

 3)  Can I do a payment plan?
      Yes, we can talk about your individual situation.   Half of the payment
       must be received at the beginning of the process and is non refundable under any                                         circumstance.  The remaining amount can be discussed and a plan formulated.